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On Friday March 13, 2020, life changed for me (and many, many other people!). It was my last day at the Community Music Center of Boston in-person, and I thought we might be away for a couple of weeks. But, here we are, July 4th, still working and teaching from home.

I am proud to say that the Music Center and I were teaching over 80% of our classes online within 2-weeks of that confusing day. I miss my students and singing together more than words could express, but I am proud of the work and perseverance that allowed us to continue teaching in the virtual world.

With a quality external microphone and an investment in my overall setup, my home studio is flourishing. With so much time spent inside my house, it is a joy and privilege to connect with my students each week via video chat to sing, play, dance, and learn. I look forward to each lesson, overcoming the challenges, and forgetting about the bigger problems in the world for an hour or so.

It's such a unique time to be working with students, hearing their curiosities, talking through their confusions, and making music. We have made great progress while online, and even new students have had great success. I feel so lucky to still get this connection with my students. For information about joining me for online lessons and classes during the coronavirus shutdown, please email me at

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  • Writer's pictureSamantha Gambaccini

I'm so proud to be taking over as Producing Artistic Director of Arts After Hours in Lynn, MA. More info at on all of our shows. I am already assembling our production teams and the people necessary to make a Summer Youth Program happen, and looking for new ideas and people who have time to give.

In the midst of this, I am rehearsing perhaps one of the most rewarding shows I've ever had the privilege of working on: KINGS by my best friend Brit Christopher, produced by Little Dinos Productions. This show is about all that is current right now around the #metoo movement, and is delivered through realistic scenarios and quick, contemporary dialogue. I am working with seven incredible actors who are putting this passion project at the forefront of their busy lives. The show goes up May 18 and 19 at the Somerville Armory. Details on tickets will be out soon.

We just wrapped one of our most successful productions ever: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at North Shore Players in Danvers, which was carried by my team Kay Marsella, Liza Giangrande, Karen Rogers, and Marcia Groome. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a powerful group of women.

More soon...

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